‘On The Move’ in the Coronavirus age

The Diocesan youth outreach ‘On The Move’ is going ‘virtual’ this year as the Derry and Raphoe Youth Board adjust to ministry in the Coronavirus age.

Restrictions introduced by the two governments, earlier this year, forced the board to shelve the plan for a 5-day programme based in the Donegal Group of Parishes. But the DRY chairman, Rev Peter Ferguson, and his colleagues, have been busy reimagining the initiative and drawn up a contingency plan that will see ‘On The Move’ itself ‘on the move’ – going online for 2020.

“In this ‘new normal’,” Rev Ferguson says, “let us grab hold of the God-given opportunity before us to fulfil the great commission in every parish and community from Wednesday 1st July – Sunday 5th July. Each day will be clearly divided with morning, afternoon and evening sessions which can be used and enjoyed at home. On the Move 2020 will all be connected through our Diocesan Facebook page and website.

“Each day will begin with WORSHIP WIND UP – a devotional time of Bible-teaching and prayer to ‘wind us up’ and release us for the day ahead. In the afternoon, a variety of challenges and tasks, with several options, will be offered each day focusing on a certain area of community concern (there will be something for everyone). Each evening we will WIND DOWN as we put our feet up, enjoy pictures and videos from the day, and there may even be a movie or activity to enjoy.

“This will all lead up to a special On the Move Sunday across the Diocese. We will also be encouraging all who take part in On the Move 2020 to pray for our special SEEDS online Holiday Bible Club which will take place the following week.”

Rev Ferguson says with all activities taking place at home and in family groups, this year, it means ‘On the Move’ will be open to all ages and all can take part. “All tasks, challenges and activities can be adapted to suit local and family needs, he says. “All activities will be within current Covid-19 guidelines. We ask all parents and guardians to get involved and provide encouragement and oversight to under 18s. Let ‘On the Move 2020’ bring us all together as a Diocesan family.”

Different themes will be chosen for each day. On Day 1, Wednesday 1st July) participants will focus on those who are self-isolating; on Thursday the theme will be ‘Family and Friends’; Friday’s theme will be ‘Key Workers’; Saturday’s will be ‘Community’; and the final theme, on Sunday 5th July will be ‘Church’.

Rev Peter is inviting people to:

Join Derry and Raphoe Youth as ‘On the Move’ goes Virtual

Release a pandemic of Christian love in every parish and community

Wednesday 1st July – Sunday 5th July 2020

All ages are welcome to participate.

Sign up or register your interest: dryboard123@gmail.com

A simple consent form will be released in the near future, and an information form detailing all tasks, challenges and activities for each day will be publicised in advance of the week to help with preparation and prayer.