Rector leads the way on Garvagh’s 350k ‘Prayer Walk’ relay

The parishioners of Errigal and Desertoghill sacrificed their day of rest, today, to join their rector in a fundraising Prayer Walk as part of their parish’s celebrations marking the 350th year of ‘Worship and Witness’ in St Paul’s Church in Garvagh.

From 10am onwards, the church families of St Paul’s and Moyletra were ‘on the move’ – literally – as between them they completed a combined total of 350 kilometres to symbolise the church’s historic milestone.

The total distance was achieved through a variety of relays, with the Rector, Rev Carmen Hayes, leading the way by completing ten 3.5km circuits herself – the equivalent of almost 22 miles.

Family groups and individuals signed up for allocated time slots, on Sunday, so that social distancing could be observed throughout. Some parish members completed their stints earlier in the week.

There was a wide age range among the participants, who included children, parents and grandparents. The walkers set off from the church car park to a point beyond the town’s limits and back again, completing a circuit of three and a half kilometres.

It was wet and drizzly for most of the day but that did not dampen the spirits of the worshippers, nor of their intrepid Rector. Signs posted along the route encouraged participants to think about things within their community – such as local churches, schools and essential workers – and to pray for them as they walked.

Monies raised by Sunday’s walk will be used to improve the church hall next to Garvagh Church.