‘Be someone. Do Something. Head somewhere.’ Bishop Andrew launches On The Move 2020

Bishop Andrew has launched the Diocesan Youth Outreach, ‘On the Move’, which is being delivered online this year because of the coronavirus pandemic. He encouraged young people beginning this year’s ‘On the Move’ to, “Be someone. Do Something. Head somewhere. Know that you are a child of God.”

Each day, from Wednesday 1st July to Sunday 5th July, young people  and grown-ups gather together online for a programme of events: in the mornings ‘Worship Wind-up’ involves Bible-teaching and prayer; ‘Get Moving’, in the afternoons, involves participants in challenges and activities focused on an area of community concern; and in the evening ‘Wind-down’ young people share photos, enjoy online fellowship and reflect on the day’s activities.

Launching this year’s programme from his home, on Facebook Live, Bishop Andrew said ‘On the Move’ was one of those things we normally did together. “We were meant to be in Donegal Group of Parishes, with a group of young people like you, enjoying a great time of service together but, of course, that wasn’t to be because of the pandemic.

“So, the DRY Board – Derry and Raphoe Youth Board – got together and thought ‘How do we do ‘On the Move’ in a way that still engages with people, in a way that’s still important, in a way that will be great fun?’ And they’ve come up with this super, online version of ‘On the Move’ that I’m really pleased to launch, today, and to be part of with you today.”

For the first time, Bishop Andrew suggested, grown-ups like him could become involved in ‘On the Move’, since the online activity was being overseen by parents and guardians.

The focus of the first day was people who were shielding because of the pandemic. Bishop Andrew encouraged younger members of his online audience to do a number of things that afternoon: write a letter to someone who was shielding, letting them know people were thinking about them; design a poster as a gift for a local nursing home which was caring for people during the crisis; stop and pray for people in the parish or community who were shielding.