‘We’re all key workers for God’ – Bishop Andrew tells On The Move

Bishop Andrew has encouraged young people taking part in this year’s ‘On the Move’ to think of themselves as key workers for God. The Bishop was speaking during ‘Worship Wind-up’ which launched Day Two of this year’s Diocesan youth outreach programme. ‘On the Move’ has itself moved online this year because of the coronavirus pandemic.

+Andrew told the watching young people that all of us were key workers in God’s kingdom. “God has a plan for your life,” he said, “and he wants to bless you and use you.” As the teenage participants focus on today’s theme, key workers, the Bishop suggested they consider a number of activities for the afternoon ‘Get Moving’ section of the programme. He said they could give a gift to a key worker, to show how highly they were thought of; they could make a ‘Thank You’ poster for a shop of business which had served the community throughout the lockdown; and they could bake a cake or buns for a key worker, as a sign of appreciation.

Thursday evening’s ‘Wind -down’ programme includes an online quiz.