Saint Columba’s Feast Day ends in style at ‘the Wee Church on the Walls’

Celebrations marking the Feast Day of St Columba ended in style at St Augustine’s Church in Londonderry on Wednesday evening as three of the city’s leading cultural lights entertained an audience in ‘the Wee Church’ with a narrated production of ‘Columba: a Triptych’, scripted by Mary Murphy.

The three-part drama recounted the stories of Columba’s mother’s dream, the battle the saint’s kinsmen started on his behalf, and his eventual remorse. Ms Murphy was joined by fellow performers Anita Robinson and Mairead Mullan. They were accompanied by a soundtrack from the original production, ‘Columba – Then and Now’, which 10 years earlier depicted significant events in the Saint’s life, particularly his repentance and desire for reconciliation.

The audience, who included Derry City and Strabane’s new Mayor, Alderman Graham Warke, were welcomed by the Rector, Rev Nigel Cairns and his wife Alison. Guests wore face coverings, followed hand sanitisation procedures and remained socially distanced while in church. Ardmore Folk provided live music at Wednesday evening’s performance and all proceeds will go to St Augustine’s Building Fund.