Office Holders & Diocesan Council

Bishop of Derry and Raphoe Rt Rev’d Andrew Forster

The Diocesan Office
London Street
Londonderry, BT48 6RQ
T: (028) 7126 2440
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Archdeacon of Derry:
Ven Robert Miller

The Diocesan Office
London Street
Londonderry, BT48 6RQ
T: (028) 7135 8925

Archdeacon of Raphoe:
Ven David Huss

Donegal Rectory
Donegal Town
Co Donegal
T: (00353) 74 9136187

 Bishop’s Secretary:

Mrs Sarah Mac Bruithin

The Diocesan Office
London Street
Londonderry, BT48 6RQ
T: (028) 7137 7013


Diocesan Accountant Administrator:
Gavin Harkin

The Diocesan Office
London Street
Londonderry, BT48 6RQ
T: (028) 7126 2440
F: (028) 7126 2440

Diocesan Development Advisor:
Rev Canon Paul Hoey

Faughanvale Rectory
21 Main Street
BT47 3AB
T: (028) 7181 2462
M: (UK) 07712 873322


Diocesan Youth Officer:

The Diocesan Office
London Street
Londonderry, BT48 6RQ

Diocesan Children’s Ministry Officer:
Kirsty Lynch

The Diocesan Office
London Street
Londonderry, BT48 6RQ
T: (028) 7126 2440
M: (UK)

Diocesan Communications Officer: 
Paul McFadden

The Diocesan Office
London Street
Londonderry, BT48 6RQ
T: (028) 7126 2440
M: (UK) 07525 826290

Guild Of Lay Readers

Rev Canon Derek Quinn

1 Erganagh Road
Co Tyrone BT7975X
T: (028) 8224 2572

Diocesan Readers

  • Georgina Armstrong
  • David Bell
  • Val Bleakley
  • Margaret Boyd
  • Norma Burns
  • Victor G Carson
  • Harry Caskey
  • Peter Clampett
  • Mervyn Donnell
  • Timothy Dowie
  • Nuala Dudley
  • Sean McClafferty
  • Eleanor Craig
  • Ann Fletcher
  • Linda Hughes
  • James Kelley
  • Caroline McMichael
  • William Montgomery
  • Kaye Nesbitt
  • Paddy Quinn
  • Esther Russell
  • Brian Seaton
  • Anne Speers
  • William Turner
  • Maureen Williams
  • Brian Robinson


Diocesan Representatives For Bishops’ Appeal:

Derry Representative:
Ms Joanne Miller


Raphoe Representative:
Rev Canon David Crooks

Taughboyne Rectory
Churchtown, Carrigans
Lifford, Co Donegal
T: 074 91 40135

n:vision Editor:
Rev Canon Katie McAteer

27 Northland Road,
BT48 7NF
M: (UK) 078 1388 5145

Diocesan Registrar:
Rev Canon David Crooks

Taughboyne Rectory
Churchtown, Carrigans
Lifford, Co Donegal
T: (00353) 74 91 40135

Diocesan Director Of Ordinands:
Rev Canon Robert Boyd

Glendermott Rectory
11 Church Brae
Londonderry BT47 2LS
T: (028) 7134 3001

Diocesan Architect:
Ms C Dickson

34 Clarendon Street
Londonderry, BT48 7ET
T: (028) 7126 5010

Diocesan Stewardship Advisor:

T: N/A
E: N/A 

Diocesan Board Membership

The Diocesan Council

The Bishop, Rt Rev. Andrew Forster (Chairperson)

Honorary Secretaries: Ven Robert Miller, Mr William Arnold, Very Rev Arthur Barrett, Rev Canon Robert Clarke, Mr William Oliver

Diocesan Council – Derry

Clerical: Rev David McBeth, Canon Harold Given, Canon Paul Hoey, Canon Derek Quinn, Rev Ian Linton, Rev Colin Welsh, Rev Robert Boyd, Canon Sam McVeigh, Canon Paul Whittaker, Rev N Quinn, Rev Mike Dornan, Rev Peter Ferguson

Clerical Supplemental: Very Rev Raymond Stewart, Rev Nigel Cairns, Canon Malcolm Ferry, Rev Ivan Dinsmore

Lay: Albert Smallwoods, William Montgomery, Sydney Gamble, Kenneth Brown, Victor Carson, Richard Edgar, Albert Moore, Albert Austin, Robert Pollock, Sylvia Donnell, William Oliver, Stanley McFarland, Elizabeth Fielding, Stanley McFarland, William Crockett, Sam Hudson, George Glenn, John Grant, John Junkin, Vickie Forbes, William R McElhinney, Hugh Lindsay, Noel Glenn, Martin Montgomery, Elaine Sproule, David Wilson, Kaye Nesbitt, Hilary Richardson, Katie Parkhill, Michelle Knight-McQuillan, Desmond Moore, John Eakin

Lay Supplemental: Raymond Loughrey, Irwin Thompson, Malcolm McSparron, William Robb, Joanne Miller, Claire Henderson, Alan Keys, Melissa Andrews, Ian Rudd, Bobby Madden 

Diocesan Council – Raphoe

Clerical: Ven David Huss, Canon David Crooks, Canon Henry Gilmore, Canon Brian Russell, Rev Judi McGaffin, Rev Mervyn Peoples

Clerical Supplemental: Canon Dr William Long, Rev Adam Pullen, Rev Suzanne Cousins, Rev David Griscome

Lay: Des West, Kenneth Witherow, Margaret Boyd, Roberta Merrick, Robert Ellis, Desmond Kee, Wendy Donaghy, Joan O’Dwyer, Brigid Barrett, John Kee, Phyllis Young, Bertha Campbell

Lay Supplemental: Jim Devenney, William Scott, John Scott, William Jervis, Kenneth Rutherford,  Ronnie McConnell, Hazel Barrett, George Mahon, Ann King

The Robertson Endowments ‑ Diocese Of Raphoe

Membership: The Bishop (Chairperson), Ven. D Huss (Vice‑Chair), Rev. Canon D W T Crooks, Rev. Canon J Merrick,  Mr. W Arnold, Mr. G Peoples, Ms. M Boyd.

Derry And Raphoe Glebes And Property Committee

Membership: Ven. R Miller (Chairperson), Very Rev A Barrett, Canon R Clarke,  Canon S McVeigh, Rev David McBeth, Canon H Given, Canon D Crooks, Canon B Russell, Canon C Welsh, Rev Mark Lennox, Canon P Whittaker, Ven. D Huss, Canon H Gilmore, Mr. S McFarland, Mr W Arnold, Mr. W Oliver, S Hudson, D Wilson, Robert Ellis, D West.

County Donegal Education Board

Membership:  Ven. D Huss, Rev. Canon J Merrick, Canon H Gilmore, D West (Hon. Secretary), Canon D Crooks, Ms. M Boyd, Mrs. W Donaghy.

Derry Diocesan Board Of Education

Membership: Ex Officio; The Bishop, Ven. R Miller, Very Rev. W W Morton.
Elected: Rev. M Ferry, Mrs. E Fielding, Mr. V Carson,  Mr. W Montgomery.

Derry And Raphoe Youth Board (DRY)

Membership: Bishop, Rev. P Ferguson (Chairperson), Rev N Cairns (Vice-chairperson), Ms. C Hinchliffe, Mr. K Witherow (Treasurer), Georgina Armstrong, Brigid Barrett, Rev S Cousins, Valerie McKinley, David McKinley, Andrea Montgomery, Rev Adam Pullen, Rev Naomi Quinn.

Board Of Mission And Unity

Membership: Canon Paul Hoey, (Chairman), Canon Derek Quinn (Hon. Secretary), Canon D Crooks, Rev M Lennox, Canon B Russell, Mrs. S Donnell, Mr. A Smallwoods, Miss J Miller, D Kee, J Scott.

Board Of Social Responsibility

Membership: Canon R Boyd, Rev. P Ferguson, Rev Nigel Cairns, Rev M Peoples, Mrs. E Fielding, Miss E Sproule and Mrs. W Donaghy.

Board Of Religious Education

Membership: Ven. David Huss (Chairman), Canon Harold Given, Canon Harry Gilmore, Canon Colin Welsh, Canon Paul Whittaker, Mr. Victor Carson, R Loughrey, Mr. John Junkin and Ms Margaret Boyd.

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Republic of Ireland to Northern Ireland:
Dial 048 (instead of 028) & Local Number

Republic of Ireland to Northern Ireland mobile:
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