The Rector of the Balteagh Group of Parishes (Aghanloo, Balteagh, Carrick and Tamlaghhtard), Rev Rhys Jones, led a group of parishioners to the top of Binevenagh Mountain, on Tuesday evening (23rd May) on the second of their Rogation Walks. This year, the Rector had decided to revive an old tradition dating back to medieval times called ‘Beating the Bounds’, during which they will travel throughout the four parishes, giving thanks for creation and praying for those who live and work in the community.

“The word ‘rogation’ comes from the Latin rogare, ‘to ask’,” Rev Jones says, “and in times-gone-by it was a festival in which parishes asked God’s blessing on the land, its people, its crops, its livestock, and on all that dwelt upon and within God’s Good creation.”

The first ‘Beating the Bounds’ walk took place on Tuesday evening, 16th May 2023, in the Tamlaghtard Parish, beginning at the Old School in Bellarena. Unfortunately, illness prevented Rev Jones from leading the first walk – his place was taken instead by Diocesan Reader and Tamlaghtard Parish stalwart Brian Robinson – but the Rector was in rude health for the second walk, in which he and his companions walked along the top of Binevenagh, looking out over the Roe Valley and, specifically, the parish of St. Lugha’s, Aghanloo.

As they walked, they prayed for the various families of the parish, praying for God’s love, His comfort, His strength and His guidance to be with them each.

The photographs of the Binevenagh walk were taken by Brian Robinson.