Our SEEDS Children’s Ministry chose a magnificent day for youngsters to see the splendour of God’s creation during a visit to Gortin Glen Forest Park in County Tyrone earlier today.

The children were there for a special Family Fun Day for young people with additional needs and they were rewarded with a bright, dry day, with no rain to mar their enjoyment.

The day began with hymns followed by games in the ‘Forest Classroom’, where the children – and the adults – learned how to pot sunflower seeds, which they were invited to take home with them and grow to their full height.

The ‘classroom’ was then moved outside, into the woods, where the youngsters were led on a sun-dappled walk along leafy, tree-lined forest paths, stopping along the way to learn about the flora and fauna in this beautiful part of the world. The highlight of day was seeing the sika deer close up in their enclosure. And one of the children even got to use the diocesan camera – taking a couple of photos which are featured below.

Volunteers from a number of parishes served as leaders for the day, assisting our Diocesan Children’s Ministry Officer Kirsty, and our Diocesan Youth Officer Claire, by supervising the day’s activities. And occasionally, when time allowed, a few of the adults reverted to childhood, testing themselves on swings and other park attractions.

The day concluded with some children and grown-ups picnicking in the forest while others chose to stop off for a treat on the way back home.