Thirty young people from six different parishes took part in an ‘in-person’ Confirmation Day event at the Acorn Centre (St Peter’s Church) in Londonderry on Saturday. It was the first such get together since the pandemic started two years ago.

The event was organised by the Diocesan Youth Officer, Claire Hinchliff. Claire was assisted by clergy and volunteers from the parishes involved. The programme involved the young people in activities and exercises designed to prepare them for when they make their confirmation over the next few weeks and months.

Bishop Andrew Forster – who’ll be confirming the young people – joined the group for a time. He recalled his own confirmation, over 40 years ago, and shared a reflection with the group based on the Parable of the Prodigal Son.

Unusually, for a Diocesan Confirmation Day, the number of boys taking part outnumber girls by almost two to one.